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Spotlight on a service – Recruitment support

Recruitment for businesses is probably one of the most crucial parts to undertake and get right! Finding the right people for your business can be time-consuming, stressful and tiring. This is why we offer support with recruitment to be able to help give businesses support in this area.

What we can do to support your recruitment process:

Job description/Specification: 

We can help you to get this across in the right written way so that it is clear and precise for the job role on offer. You may already have a list of specific tasks or responsibilities set out or you may need some help in compiling this. We can run through the job with you and help you to identify the specific points of what’s required from the candidate in the role.

Job Advertisement: 

We can create the job advertisement for you, once we have all the relevant information we need. We can proofread or amend an existing job advert you may have to ensure it is still relevant, professional and written in the best way to attract quality candidates.

Post the Job:

We can post the job advert on whichever platforms you wish. We can help you decide which platforms would be best suited to your industry and target candidates. 

Review CV’s:

We can filter out any unsuitable candidates and highlight the candidates that match the criteria, leaving you with the best candidates for the position.

Interview Shortlisting:

We can call all the candidates or just a short list of candidates, to verify their experience, qualifications, and reasoning behind applying for the job to get a good gauge of the interest in the position they have. 

Schedule Interviews:

We can schedule interviews with the selected candidates. We will always request a confirmation that they will be attending and will provide them with all the information they need for the interview.

Assistance and Planning of the Interview:

We can assist with supplying interview questions/structure of the interview, and we can also be in attendance in person or virtually if required.

Job Offer Confirmation:

Once the decision has been made, we can compile and/or send the job offer to the successful candidate. We can also send out confirmation that candidates have been unsuccessful. 

Exit Interviews: 

We can conduct or assist with exit interviews. This can sometimes be tricky to get the correct information that you require from a leaving employee. Having an outside, impartial person conduct the interview may make the employee feel more at ease to open up more honestly. Gaining an honest insight into why the employee is leaving, could be a good opportunity to make any relevant changes/improvements, before recruiting a new member of staff. 

Depending on your circumstances and the time you wish to input into recruitment yourself, we offer as much support as you need or want for the process to be as smooth and efficient as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form.

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