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What does a Virtual Assistant actually do?

Have you ever wondered what virtual assistants do all day? We enhance productivity and improve overall efficiency for businesses who seek our services. You might be surprised by what we get up to…

We provide admin support, which comes in many forms, such as scheduling and Calendar Management. We book appointments, set reminders, manage calendars and help businesses stay organized.

Virtual assistants manage emails by prioritizing and organising mailboxes, respond to routine enquiries, flag important messages & unsubscribe to re -occurrent marketing emails.

Similarly, we do this for important documents in one drive which needs sorting into relevant folders, so everything is easy to find. This saves businesses loads of time rooting through thousands of files with unhelpful names!

We carry out data entry, as well as market research.

Another task we do regularly is help with recruitment. We take away the lengthy process of business recruiting by conducting interviews, reviewing CVs and sending contracts and job offers.

We even make social media posts & marketing materials, especially at this time of year, all the Christmas posts are in our drafts!

Our main goal is to help businesses save costs, improve on their customer service, and increase their overall productivity. As you can see, our tasks vary according to the business type and what they require. This is just a small insight into some of the tasks and support we do and provide, but hopefully a little snippet into the wide variety of tasks we can, and do, carry out.

Need support with other business admin, other than what we’ve spoken about above? Get in touch to let us know, the chances are, we can help you!

Our affiliated business, We Take Calls, also offers comprehensive call handling packages.

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